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The Parentini Mossa is a race-fit waterproof and windproof jersey that copes well with the rapidly changing and impossible-to-predict British winter conditions.

If you’ve never heard of Parentini before, they’re an Italian company that have been making cycle clothing since 1976 and have supplied clothing for professional racing cyclists over the years. The Mossa is their latest garment and is intended to wrestle Castelli’s Gabba off its throne, where it has been since the snowy edition of Milan-San Remo a few years back.

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Unlike the Gabba, the Mossa is actually fully waterproof, not just water resistant. This is achieved with the Windtex Membrane fabric, which comprises two layers sandwiching a membrane. A Hydro treatment providing water repellency. Water simply beads off the fabric and even on a ride of 2-3 hours in steady rain, the Mossa copes admirably, far surpassing the point that the Gabba would have succumbed to the rain.

Even though it provides high levels of water repellency, the Mossa is highly breathable. A lot of my riding is high tempo paced stuff, and when worn with a long sleeve base layer, I was able to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout. It does take a little while to warm up though, there’s not a lot of insulation going on here. You can’t layer up underneath either; the Mossa can only really be worn with one layer on the arms underneath, and due to the close fit of the arms, it needs to be tight fitting base layer.

Parentini says it’s good for between zero and 15 degrees, but that range will be determined as much by whether you run hot or cold and how fast and hard you ride. I admittedly run quite cold and need to layer up, and the Parentini over a long sleeve base layer was only really warm enough down to about 5-6 degrees. One solution would be to wear a second short sleeve merino base layer or jersey.

While it offers the wind and rain protection of a jacket, the Mossa has the fit and comfort of a jersey. There’s been an increase in the number of jerseys recently that border on jacket in terms of protection, while maintaining the fit, lightness and flexibility of a jersey. Parentini have gone with very much with a close, race fit, and the sizing is typically Italian. If you’re a small in Castelli, you’ll be a small in the Mossa. It works well, snug with no excess fabric to catch the wind and slow you down when you’re pounding out the miles.

AdTech AdAround the back there’s a dropped and curved flap to cover the lower back, and it’s very high at the front, perhaps a smidgen too high; another 1-2cm of fabric wouldn’t have gone amiss. Elasticated cuffs provide a good seal at the wrists and are comfortable. Three rear pockets are generously sized.

Durability has been good. It goes through the washing machine on a regular wash cycle, and despite several muddy rides, it still looks as good as when it was first pulled out of the packaging.

The Mossa is the same price as the Castelli (though you might struggle to find anywhere online that actually sells it at list price) but the better rain protection ensures the Mossa beats the Gabba at its own game.

Parenti have the Castelli Gabba in their sights with their Mossa jersey, and they’ve succeeded in producing a jersey that offers better rain protection.


Race-fit fully waterproof and windproof jersey for riding in grotty conditions test report

Make and model: Parentini Mossa jersey

Size tested: small, yellow

Tell us what the product is for, and who it’s aimed at. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

Mossa is new Autumn/Winter garment from Parentini. The concept has been tested and studied for a while and now ready to be launched. It is a whole new idea of confronting cold weather from sub Zero temperature to 15°. There is two versions, Windtex [winter] and Arrowind [spring].

A traditional winter fabric, with PILE or similar fabrics, keeps the moisture and the sweat. The membrane is only a part. The fabric used for the MOSSA line is made up of a microfiber highly hydrophilic that carries the sweat to the Membrane and through this one lets it evaporate. The WINDTEX membrane it is not only water-repellent, but it is WATERPROOF AND WATER-REPELLENT thanks to the HYDRO treatment that you have on the external fabric.

The Mossa wears just like a fitted jersey, which is essential to activate its technical characteristics.

Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product?

The above numbers might have a small significance to an average rider as they are technical details, the idea is to show how advanced the material is in comparison with competitors, i.e. the Gabba is ONLY WATER RESISTANT.

The Mossa is available in short and long sleeves, with protective rain tail

The Mossa is available also in WIndArrow material for Spring/early winter wear.

The Mossa is available in personalized team colors

The Mossa fabric is exclusive to Parentini till Sep.2014. So the earliest other companies will be able to use/produce similar garments will be end of 2015, whereas Parentini has the Mossa ready to order NOW-JUNE 2014-

How to wear the Mossa:

To get the best of the Mossa, the rider needs to maintain a certain average riding speed, raising his body temperature. The Mossa will not keep you warm in standstill position or on a very slow rhythm ride. The body needs to sweat for the fabric to do what its designed for.

The Mossa can be worn with only an undergarment, ideally Polypropylene, the must not be a great isolation between the Mossa and the body, the contact is essential. Individuals can vary their choice of undergarment as they see suited, you need to know your body temperature and heat release value.

The Mossa is short from the front if tried in standing position; the cut is anatomic, race bike position.

The Mossa is 100% machine washable

The Mossa Vs Similar garments

Gabba is made of Windstopper , a fabric made of a series of tightly netted fibre with tiny holes to let the sweat out and not allowing water in [water molecules are larger], However, sweat contains skin residuals, body oil,hair, salts etc., with time[ and not too long] these elements will become trapped in the netted fabric, adding the washing, the Gabba won’t function as set out to. Simply because the material is now blocked, the heat remains inside and body cannot breath [some might mistake this heat function, as it is a warm garment- in reality it has become un-breathable bag of fabric]

The Mossa is 4 times more elastic than its competitors, making the fit much better once worn. Others display creases and folds due the fabric inability to mould in.

Mossa is 100% waterproof, Gabba has water replant.

The Mossa guarantees you an optimum breathability.


The Mossa might have followed in the footsteps of similar product, however the finish and details and above all the fabric used to produce the garment, makes it truly unique. This garment is best tried. It will be a challenge to convince clients that they will be warm wearing just a thin garment. We are so confident this will be a break-through on how cyclist will dress from this day on. Within short time, this will replace the heavy jackets lined with foil, pile and other ideas bike wear manufactures came up with.


  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Close fit
  • Personalized
  • Short/long sleeve option
  • Rain tail protector
  • Black or Fluro color in collection
  • The Mossa is 100% Handmade By Parentini in ITALY

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